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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Local Projects

List of the local projects

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 07:36

Energy valorization by prunings

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The project seeks to provide an energy valorization of biomass recovered from the processes of tree pruning in the area.

The separate collection in the province of Mantua has reach an annual amount of 95.264 tons and represents the 42,88% of the total. About the 40% of the recycling is represents by the collection of prunings and cuttings for a total of 37.349 tons.

Hypothesizing a separation between cuttings and prunings, is possible assume that the prunings can reach, considering the lost of weight due to the humidity, an amount of 5.000 tons. The project aims to collect this material by the various municipalities, allowing it to achieve a twofold result:

  • transformation of waste into energy resources;
  • reduction of cost of the waste disposal.

This opportunity is much more important considering that four local administrations of the province of Mantua have realized or are going to realize a plants to produce thermal and/or electrical energy using biomass.

Therefore it appears interesting the opportunity to organize logically the collection and stocking of the pruning to face the request of biomass (now around 1.700 tons/years) which is expected increasing in time.

In this context is important underline that the Province of Mantua, in 2005, signed with the Lombardy Region the project Fo.R.Agri. (renewable sources in agriculture), that aim to develop the use of renewable energy sources by using also biomass.

Monday, 03 August 2015 14:18

Project SOLEdarietà

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The project was created to help the San Vicenzo clinic, a health facility for 400.000 people in the most populous and poor district of the city. The life expectancy is of 40 years, the malnutrition level is about 65% and the perinatal mortality is 40%. The Association collaborate with Ong locale SUD - KIVU MSAADA a.s.b.l., which manage the hospital.

As started in the program, in 2007 was bought the facility, to avoid the imminent eviction. Then the project focused on: training of the local staff; sending of medicines and medical instruments; organization of a supplementary nutrition center and an ambulatory care for women raped.

With the collaboration of the Province of Mantua and the Association "...con vista sul Mondo Onlus" was created the Project SOLEdarietà, to realize a photovoltaic plant capable of ensuring electricity to the hospital clinic.


Jeff Kakisingi - Bukavu
Stefania Bellesia - Mantova
dr. Renato Bottura
dr. Daniele Benedini



Friday, 01 August 2014 09:56

The Project TRACE

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cofinanced by South East Europe programme


The Project TRACE start from the European Directive "Energy Performance of Buildings" (EPBD – Performance).

The increase of the energy efficiency, described in the strategy Europe 2020, is one of the most important targets for the European Union. This target is reached through the development of a transnational partnership, and the realization of common actions in this matter of strategic importance.

The principal activities of the project are:

  • transfer of know-how between different local administrations;
  • reinforcement of the technical capacities of the territorial administrations;
  • setting of common strategies through the actuations of pilot action for the energy efficiency of the building (as the Forum for energy investments soon to be created also in Mantua.

The TRACE consortium reunites 13 partners from 9 countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria).



Friday, 10 April 2015 13:58

The Project BioMAN

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Bio-valorization of the Mantua Chemical Cluster through the planning of a non-food supply chain and its conversion to bio-products

The story of the Chemical Cluster of Mantua is characterized by the constant leak of competitiveness of the industries based on fossil fuels; this situation caused a strong leak of jobs and a potential environmental damage. As consequence of the low prospective of success of the traditional industries, and with the necessity to find sustainable options related to the green-economy, it has gradually determined a movement of interest for new industrial initiatives more sustainable and eco-friendly, based on local vegetable raw materials. This opportunity is generated by the existing logistic potential represented by the river port, the waterway and the rail connection.

This change of business model from traditional industry to bio-refinery industry needs to analyzes two important aspects: that the supplies are constant and stable (in terms of availability and price), and that don't create a competition with the ground currently used for the production of food and feed.


The main target of the project is study and develop a supply plan for the biomass during a year in a system of short chain (maximum 70 km around Mantua), to use as raw material of wood and cellulose nature in a second generation bio-refinery. This plant, through process of biotechnology conversion, could produce bioethanol, biomethanol, xylitol and bio-products (bio-particle board, biochar), reuse the lignin and saline effluents and produce sub-products with high added value (polyphenols, tannins, sugars, and other elements to potential access to the nutraceutical market).



To overcome the problems related to the change of use destination of the ground and the competition between the food and non-food crops, it will follow a holistic approach using the crop residues with little or no use in the agricultural chain (rapier corn, peaks poplar and rice straw), growing evergreen non-food species (arundo donax and rotationforestry of poplar) in grounds that was subjected to industrial pollution with the purpose of phytoremediation. Will also reused the natural flora of the humid area, following the opportunities offered by the Decree on the “biorefineries”. Will be encouraged logistical modality of supply and storage with low environmental impact and low energy consumption, considering the local demand of bio-products for the creation of a circular economy.

The biomasses will be processed, for demonstration purpose, for the production of bioethanol, xylitol, light particle board, biochar, extraction of phytocomplexes.



It will be adopted a new production process for bioethanol/biomethanol that will provide an opportunity for the development of new industrial initiatives in the province of Mantua and in the bordering areas.



It will be guaranteed the most complete reuse of the coproducts and effluents, for the sustainability of the project initiative also under the environmental aspect. All the project phases will be monitored under the energy profile to give full economic meaning to the initiative.



Polimi - Department of Chemisrty, Materials and Chemical Engineering (leader)
Province of Mantua
Research Centre and Research Technology AGIRE
INSTM - Interuniversity Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials
Consortium Italbiotec



Duration of the project

Start   02 February 2015
End     31 July 2016


The Project is co-financed by the Cariplo Foundation




March 2015, meeting with the associations of agricultural category:  presentation .


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