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Friday, October 30, 2020

European Projects

List of the european projects

Monday, 28 November 2016 16:32


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LIFE-DIADEME - A novel sustainable and cost-efficient distributed street lighting dimming system

LIFE15 CCM/IT/000110



LIFE-Diadème (Reverberi Enetec - Gruppo MPES (Italia)): Questo progetto dimostrerà un nuovo sistema di regolazione di illuminazione stradale economicamente efficiente che è stato progettato per ridurre il consumo di energia del 30% rispetto a state-of-the-art sistemi di controllo. La tecnologia sarà installato su una base pilota in EUR, un quartiere residenziale e commerciale di Roma. Il progetto effettuare una valutazione del ciclo di vita, l'analisi dei costi del ciclo di vita e di mercato preliminare e analisi socioeconomiche del nuovo sistema, che si prevede di ridurre di strada i costi di illuminazione di manutenzione del 10% e contribuire ad una riduzione del 30% in nazionale spese per l'illuminazione pubblica.


sintesi del progetto



LIFE-DIADEME (Reverberi Enetec – Gruppo MPES (Italy)): This project will demonstrate a cost-efficient new street lighting dimming system that is designed to reduce energy consumption by 30% in comparison with state-of-the-art control systems. The technology will be installed on a pilot basis in EUR, a residential and business district of Rome. The project will carry out a life-cycle assessment, life-cycle cost analysis and preliminary market and socio-economic analyses of the new system, which is expected to reduce street lighting maintenance costs by 10% and contribute to a 30% reduction in national expenditure on public lighting.


Official project Summary




Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:46

The Project EPIC2020

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The European Project EPIC2020 is finalized to create the strategic ability and the know-how for the integration of the port system with the production plants and the adjacent urban environments.

In the province of Mantua, EPIC2020 is focused on the Valdaro Port.

The project phases are:

  • Individuation of the stakeholders (organizations, citizens, businesses) in the port and industrial chemistry area.

  • Establishment of local forum with the citizens.

  • Creation of a strategy called “zonal agreement” for the sustainability of the settlements.

  • Stimulation of the investments for the utilization of the local renewable resources and for the recovery of energy waste.

Coordinator of the project is the City of Malmö (SE). AGIRE is co-creator of the project, inside the international partnership, and involved the Province of Mantua as partner in the project activities. EPIC2020 has a duration of 36 months and is financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe with a budget of 1.556.522 euro.



City of Malmö (SE), AGIRE (IT), Akarport (EL), Port of Klaipedos (LT), Port of Mantua - Province of Mantuaa (IT), National Technical University of Athens (EL), E.On Sweden (SE), University of Linkoping (SE), Scheller System (DE), HCN e V. (DE), Port of Wismar (DE).



Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:46


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danubenergy logo defcentral europe


The European Project DANUBENERGY studies the energy yield of the different biomasses present in the project regions with the IFBB methodology (project PROGRASS), which subdivides into the liquid and solid phases the unused cutting from the banks of rivers and lakes.

In the province of Mantua, the project DANUBENERGY foresees the collection of biomasses (marsh reeds and sedge) along the banks of the local rivers. After the collection, the biomasses are send to the stable plant in Baden Baden (DE) for the experimental analysis. At the end there is the demonstrative phase through the mobile plant “Blue Conrad”, and setting up a public area with the organization of demonstrative and illustrative sessions.

Coordinator of the project is Energy Agency of the Regions (AT). AGIRE is co-creator of the project, inside the international partnership, and involved the Province of Mantua as supporter for the project activities. DANUBENERGY has a duration of 30 months and is financed by the Central Europe with a budget of 1.777.825 euro.



Energy Agency of the Regions (AT), AGIRE (IT), BIOMASA (SK), CATRO (SL), Competence Centre Naturemanagement (AT), Environement Technique Baden Baden (DE), Energy Agency of Zlín region (CZ), HUKE waste treatment (HU), Bavarian Research Centre for Agricolture (DE), Poznan University of Life Sciences (PL), Kassel University (DE).



Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:46

The Project ALPstore

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The European Project ALPstore aims to study and test the energy storage systems in a smart grid system, and use the electric vehicles for the use/storage in the field of sustainable mobility.

In the province of Mantua, ALPstore develop a pilot application of a storage system and involve entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the activity of sustainable management of energy production.

Coordinator of the project is BAUM. AGIRE is co-creator of the project, inside the international partnership. ALPstore has a duration of 29 months (July 2012 – December 2014) and is financed by the Alpine Space with a budget of 3.000.000 euro.



BAUM (DE), AGIRE (IT), ALOT (IT), Euroimpresa Legnano (IT), Region Valle d’Aosta (IT), Vorarlberger Elektroautomobil Planungs- und Beratungs (AT), Europäisches Zentrum für erneuerbare Energie Güssing (AT), Novae Alsace (FR), Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard (FR), P+M Rothmoser GmbH&Co. (DE), Allgäuer Überlandwerk (DE), eza! Energie (DE), Regionalna razvojna agencija Gorenjske (SI),  University of Ljubljana (SL), Municipality Jezersko (SL),  Research Center for Energy Economics (DE), non EU: University of Liechtenstein (LIE), University of Lugano (CH), Battery Consult (CH).



Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:46

The Project LiCEA

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licea logo defcentral europe


The European Project LiCEA aims to underline in the local industrial cluster in different Countries, the economic, social and environmental advantages of the application of good energy and environmental management practices, with the inclusion of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology, by the creation of a free software package for simplified energy audit with LCA methodology.

In the province of Mantua the project targets are:

  • Execution of energy audit in the companies of the mechanical cluster of Suzzara and in the companies of the hosiery cluster of Castel Goffredo, with the support of the local services centers (Centro Tecnologio Arti e Mestieri and Centro Servizi Calza).
  • Involvement of entrepreneurs in environmental management activities for the reduction of the environmental impact of the production.
  • Develop of a specific European freeware software applicable to every type of industrial cluster.

In Italy, AGIRE is the developer of the project, scouter of the participants and coordinator of the international partnership.  LiCEA has a duration of 26 months and is co-financed by the Central Europe with a budget of 1.144.751 euro.



Province of Mantua (IT), AGIRE (IT), Agency for Innovation (SK), Energy Agency of the regions (AT), National Energy Conservation Agency (PL), Pannon Business Network Ass. (HU).




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